MT Shading Network Generator

A good script to make shading networks easily; of course, ramp-based networks which are so popular, specially for making glass, chrome, velvet and etc.

MT Shading Newtwork Generator
Written by Mostafa Talebi

Build Ramp-Based Networks.
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With this script users can make networks of related ramps and a base shader, and if checked, a dirt material.
This script has three major parts. Blinn base settings, ramp settings and dirt material override.
-Core Name
If you type the name here, for instance “wooden_”, it would go into all the maps names.
As a result, you have for instance “wooden_specularMap” which is a great time-saver.

-Base Material:
In this part primary channels of the material are placed. There is an “IOR” checkbox which
allows the user to set the “Index of Reflections”.

-Ramp Setting:
The main goal of this script is to produce ramp-based network, therefore if you check-on
one of those checkboxes, the respective ramp setting would turn on, while the primary channel related
to it greys out.

-Ramp Setting General Layout:
For each ramp setting there is a “Use Sampler Info” checkbox, turning it on would make that ramp come with
a sampler info node. If all ramped-channels have this box on, one sampler info would be used in common. there
will not be a chaos of sampler info nodes.
A slider used to query how many ramp instant colors are to be made. A ramp basically has three colors. You can tweak
it to five colors. There are several color-presets which are handsome to use, if appropriate.
User must apply the setting for it to pop up. This makes a ramp ready to be published.

-Dirt Material
Unfortunately I have not written this part to be made within the UI. You can make a dirt material, select it and then hit
the button and input its name into the field. Eventually if you hit “produce network” the network, with a layeredShader would
be made and all connections are linked, respectively.

This script would update to more richer tools that if you FEED THE RSS, you can be updated by updates.
How to install it?
just copy the script content onto your shelf. and also copy the bitmap into your bitmap folder.
usually it is : yourDocument/maya/version/perfs/icons/…


MT Shading Network Generator_v1.rar


I hope it would be a working script for your projects.

From IRAN.

MT Shading Newtwork Generator
Written by Mostafa Talebi