Mental Core

MentalCore is a plugin that provides an alternative to the standard rendering workflow for Maya and Mental Ray. Designed and proven in production, MentalCore completes the shading, lighting and rendering pipeline, and is suitable for small to large productions.

MentalCore allows you to focus on creating great renders in less time, and the shader library provides a wide range of material, texture and utility shaders to help you achieve the look you need.

As a thank you to our valued beta testers and early adopters we are offering special pricing for those that sign up in before the public launch on 15 January 2012 and purchase before 30 June 2012:

Node Locked licenseUS$189
Floating license*

*Includes 5 free render only licenses

Check out the features page for more informatio

Next Limit announces RealFlow 2013

source: 3d World Magazine

Next Limit announces RealFlow 2013

Next Limit has announced RealFlow 2013 and posted loads of sample videos created using the latest version of its industry-standard fluid simulator. Check them out now…

Madrid-based Next Limit has just announced the latest version of its industry-standard fluid simulator, RealFlow 2013.

You may have seen some of the new features in our RealFlow 2013 sneak peek earlier this year, but Next Limit has posted up a load more preview videos for you to check out.

What’s coming up in RealFlow 2013?

  • Hybrido 2
    • New base solver for improved detail
    • New Splash and Foam emitters handled quickly
  • RealFlow Graph
    • New, visual node-based method to set up links between scene elements
    • Create RealFlow Simulation Graphs wherever and whenever during the simulation so you can create/modify/extract data from scene elements
  • RenderKit 3.0
    • Improved mesher algorithm for Hybrido 2 for greater detail
    • New Anisotropic Mesher for particle-based sims
  • Alembic I/O
    • Alembic format will be available for both geometry and particles
  • Caronte Body Dynamics Solver
    • Faster and more robust
    • Improved fracturing tools
  • Viewport+
    • Enhanced workflow, even when working with millions of particles
    • Orbit massive amounts of data
  • Maxwell Render
    • Preview your simulation renders in the background with Maxwell Render
    • Photorealistic Maxwell Render materials provided

The software is being previewed at the FMX conference this week.

The pricing and release date have not been specified yet.

Next Limit has also recently announced RealFlow product packs for freelancers and studios with discounts of 15 per cent and above.

For more information visit the RealFlow website

source: 3d World Magazine