In this work I have simulated a very thick (viscous) liquid in RealFlow and then exported the mesh into Maya, selected a frame (the most obvious) and begun the render job using Mental Ray. Early in the future an animated version would also be rendered. The expensive meshes and high quality render captured the machine for three hours to HD render the scene. Displacement for oranges is also used to promise no fake shadow as an annoying factor.

Oranges, Maya, Mental Ray, RealFlow, After Effects and Photoshop/

Here, I have put also a scene-captured animation of the scene:

Simulating Wine Pouring in RealFlow and Autodesk Maya

Here I have simulated a wine from a bottle into a cup, have meshed them so that I could easily provide a render of it; unfortunately I have not yet made rendered animation due to time issue, but a playblast (scene captured-animation) and two snapshots.

Here are two snapshots: