Autodesk Mudbox 2014 8K Texture Support

آپلود عکس

Work done by Mostafa Talebi



Autodesk Mudbox 2014 Now Support 8k Textures

When I work with Mudbox, I mourn why it does not support 8k ( (8 * 1024)2) texture map. For large models, or for close-up shot elements, less than 8k would be a blow. Now I received an email telling that Mudbox 2014 now all generously support 8k size, which further means a great set of improvement. However it ends the report by warning me that only capable Graphic Card are able to handle the computation required for real time 8k texture painting. I have thought about it, and have reached to a certain conclusion regarding such update in an all lovely application as Mudbox.

8k Support – Now Procedural, Now Native

Autodesk Mudbox now supports 8k texture painting. Up to version 2013, it only supported up to 4k textures, which sucks when dealing with production-quality creation. A solution was common among Mudbox modelers,  that they saved a 8k texture in PS, and then imported it as a texture in Mudbox, and eventually got it painted as a MB created texture. This further meant that MB supported 8k, and by its core, it had not put a [commercial] restriction against 8k texture, but yet  it just had not had translated forth onto interface. However I do not fully agree with this statement: Now that MB has announced the coverage of 8k texture, it has grown into all MB parts. When you create a texture, when you export, when you deal with displacement map, when working to export normal maps and further, 8k is counted as a legitimate option. This is of high importance.

Mudbox Understood its Real Deficiency

As a modeling package, MB is a super friendly application for users native of Maya, Max and XSI. Since it has a direct connection for those application, as well as an interface all familiar, unlike nasty [great] ZBrush interface which craves your strength. As a user, I voted for an Update Request at somewhere around Autodesk Site. Now the votes persuaded the officials at Autodesk to inject 8k support into Mudbox.

Brave Texturing

8k Texturing makes you brave. When you become brave that you be able to paint qualified textures. 8k shows every parts in  your texture as it is able to tease you in case of weak-painting.

At the end I thank everyone who in some way incorporated in this update which has made me (and many others) happy. It had been long time ago when I got happy for some updates (I think it was Maya 2008). It really boost the process of texturing since it allows a wider size and more complex details.

Here is a movie related to Autodesk Creation Suit

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