The Murdered Chief – Gravestone Base Mesh

Now I have completed my gravestone base mesh. A little dilemma I had when choosing what to model. A guy at CGTalk mention irrelevant nature of choosing [christian] gravestone for showing Indian slaughter; I, however kept my head in the same direction since this irony adds some magnificent quality to the work, still keeps the saddening nature.     مكاني براي آپلود رايگان فایل های شما     مكاني براي آپلود رايگان فایل های شما     مكاني براي آپلود رايگان فایل های شما

The Murdered Chief – WIP – Introduction


After a period, now I have the time to plan my new project. This project is environment-based and is titled “The Murdered Chief” which would probably be an integration of Maya and Mudbox.

After The Green Redemption , still  I want to keep my head in the environment, and enhance my texturing / envSculpting abilities more. In the previous project I had learned many points that it accounts as my most fertile project.However these are only technical explanations, while my deep sympathy for Indians always tarry. I would explain it in the appropriate sections.

I update the blog and have allocated a specific category to it to update whenever I had time to; in the next week, I will travel to north (of Iran) where I can shoot many photos of nature and natural elements to bring them into the project.

MT CVBased Duplication/Constrained

This script is useful for all people in Maya, since you can use it for clusters and
deformers to plants and grass distribution and sometimes
even for emitter population.


-You must first select your curve and then your node/object.
-There is an “Instance” check box, if checked the distributed
objects would only be an instance of the original object. A great time saver.
-In this UI select “Get Selection” to insert them into UI’s relevant position.
-There are randomization options that you can use them to make your distribution look much more
-In the bottom you have a Twist control where you have control over your rotational properties.

Twist has two methods:

Increment Based(recommended): It uses a value (from the slider in the UI) to add to each instance up to the last
360Based: It uses the number of distributed nodes, and for instance if you have ten objects distributed,
it would divide 360 by ten and uses the result which is 36 to increment each time. This method
is recommended in high quantity distributions.

You can Download it from here:

MT CVBased Duplication/Constraint Google Codes     مكاني براي آپلود رايگان فایل های شما