MT SetDrivenKey for Maya

With this script, you can very quickly set driven keys which are very awkward when doing with Maya built-in procedure.

This script has the following features:

Driver Value Field: Value for the driver’s attribute.

Driven Value Field: Value for the Driven’s attribute.

Keyable Attribute List: List the keyable attributes in two separate optionMenus.

Positive Value: Makes the values in the field positive.

Negative Value: Makes the values in the field negative.

Zero the Value: Makes the values in the field zero.

Increase and Decrease by Ten: As the name describes, it does increase and decrease proper fields by ten value.

The Way it works:

You must multi-select two objects, the first one as Driver and the Second one as Driven.

the file that you download would include two .mel files, one is the main script, and one the other would be menu script userSetup.mel, you must copy both of them into your script directory.

Warning: I personally recommend you to copy the userSetup.mel’s CONTENT instead of copying the entire file. This case is urgent if you have other settings in the script, and if you do not, you can copy the .mel file right into your folder.
Maya Menu Entry:
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Main UI:
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Download Link:

Or you can visit CreativeCrash website to download it there:



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