How to use mr Color Mix with Maya’s render node

Color Mix node is a node used for combining shaders(such as layer shader in maya) which ios not widely used due to the fact that
its a bit using its own rules rather than a simple method! however it’s still very simple and handy.
In this tutorial we will simply show you how to use mental ray color mix node.
very simple and handy.

In this tutorial we will simply show you how to use mental ray color mix node.

What $ (Dollar) means in Regular Expressions?

When working with MEL, everybody knows that $ means to declare a variable, but when it’s included in a string what it does?

It simply check the strings(characters) before the dollar sign in the ending of the second strings.

Or as Jeffry Friedl mentions in his book:

The $ (Dollar) the position at the end of the line

Therefore let’s check the following script in MEL:


string $testString = “This is a test string”;

match “string$” $testString;


We have now learnt how to use $ in regExp!!



MT Parenting Facilitator

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MT Parenting Facilitator
With this script you can do parenting (Both Constraint and regular parenting)

You have parent, zero out and unparent, so your process of controls’ placement
would be done so quicker than regular Maya process.

I have set several Constraint Options with a maintain option for you.

There is also two fields for child and parent which update in a runtime sequence.

********************************************* I N S T A L L **************************************

Copy the .mel files into your script directory(usually: user/document/maya/version/script)

Warning: If you download the entire userSetup.mel file, it will replace a userSetup.mel which is already

in that folder(script directory) which might feed some plugins; I strongly recommend open the my userSetup.mel

and copy the content, and paste them into your scriptDirectory’s userSetup.mel.

Note: When copying it, be sure to hit enter and paste them in a new line. A letter change will result in script error.

Any question or request:

Download Link:


Or you can download it from

Snow-covered Scene with Maya and Mental Ray

In this video which is just for a test, and practicing techniques, I have used Maya and Mental Ray. with Maya simple modeling, and then fast tiled-based texturing, and a famous traditional lighting, oh no, I used FG; displacement map was the step which I devoted the most time upon, to get a nice looking snow, however I dissipated sparkling white highlights on it.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ambient Occlusion

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Rounding numbers

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###1 Did you know how you can round numbers?

Rounding numbers in arithmetic is excessively useful, specially for graphic artist who aim to write expressions, such as After Effects’ users.

The way you round numbers follows a primary rule. For rounding numbers to the nearest ten, you must pay attention to the last digit, if it’s less or equal to 4, you turn it down, if it’s bigger than 4 you round it up.

For instance, you have 82, the last digit is 2, and since it’s less than 4, you round it down, which becomes 0, and then add it to 8, makes 80, in other words, turning it down lest ten which is 80, while if it was 86 we would turn it up to bigger ten which would result in 90.

Following this rule, for nearest hundred we pay attention to last two digits, and if the number was equal or less than 49, we repeat the foresaid process.

e.g :   157 → 200