Set Driven Keyframes in Maya

(High Quality) (1600 * 900)
In this lesson, I will present you two Set Driven Keyframes in two different ways.
You can also take a look at my article at side section of the blog, under the Article category to read an article which is called “Relations, A look into Maya’s connection workflow.”
You can Download the text file here

Download the MT Set Driven Keyframes Here

Download MT Parenting Facilitator Here

4 responses to “Set Driven Keyframes in Maya

  1. it dosen’t work for 2012
    it says
    // Error: Cannot find procedure “mtSDK_drivenAttrKeyable”.
    sourced them both after i copyed them in the scripts folder

  2. No sometimes the sourcing does not work.
    Copy bitmap into your bitmap folder. Then copy the content of the
    MT_SDK_For_Animators.mel file into you script editor (you can do this using drag and drop from the windows right into your script editor, or open the file in Notepad and then copy the content, or you can load it via your script editor.)
    then run the command and you will get it working.
    there are many ways to bring the whole script to work.
    Please comment back and report whether or not it worked.

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